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The RDKB Woodstove Exchange Program = OCTOBER  2016

Upgrade and stay Warmer, Safer and use less Firewood.  $250 Grants now available.

                The 2016 program

We have only 9 grants remaining as of SEPT 1 2016.

The BC Government released funding to continue with the Woodstove Exchange Program for the 2016 season. We have approval for 22 stove exchanges. ( note: 13 have been used so far) I have applied for funding for 20 exchanges for next year. This may not be approved as our area is showing very little activity.

 The program will run from January until December 31,2016 or until all the grants are gone.  As  bonus all grant recipients will be receiving a goody pack which includes a burn safe DVD, a very cool moisture meter worth $40, and a flue temperature gauge. I will ship these out and end of year.

Please make sure you have the latest tracking form from the link found below. My mailing address has changed to 7400 Danshin Village Road V0H 1H5. Make sure on the tracking form to be clear of the location address and your mailing address if different. We especially need to know if you are living in a city or in the rural area outside the city. Grand Forks and Fruitvale as example.This is super important for receiving top up grants if they apply to your location.

Read about the TOP UP GRANTS HERE


This is a very simple grant you can apply for if you live anywhere in the RDKB. All you need to do is dispose of any outdated Wood Burning Stove and replace it with a modern EPA approved appliance.

Tired or chopping wood? You can also exchange your old stove for a Natural Gas, Propane or a Pellet stove. Fireplace insert and Wood Furnaces may also qualify under certain conditions, phone or Email me for approval first.

Note: It is your responsibility to fill in the application and make sure I receive everything as required. Your retailer may offer to help you, but it is your grant, so please make sure you follow the instructions carefully. 

Basic steps:

1-Take picture of the old appliance   One picture is all that is required.

2-Dispose of old appliance and supply proof with  signature as proof of disposal. Under no circumstances is a stove to be re sold or used again for combustion.

3-Purchase a new appliance**  and submit copy of the invoice

You can exchange for a Wood, Gas or Pellet stove.

4-Fill in tracking form Click the link to download the Word Document.  Please print clearly. Tracking forms are also available at retail locations and some municipal administration offices.

5- Take  1 picture of new appliance installed.

6-Submit all to me via E-mail or Canada Post. I do not need anything other than these 5 documents

We DO NOT require any WETT inspection certificates,  invoices for chimney parts or installation fees. There are  no permits required for this upgrade but you are required to notify your insurance company when you make changes to any heating system.

** Used appliances are rarely excepted. The used appliance would need to be like new and fully inspected and approved by a certified WETT technician. A proper invoice from a registered business, PST and GST taxes collected must be submitted. And all of this subject to approval of the Woodstove Committee.

Scan and submit documents to me    johnvere@telus.net   

Or put in an envelope and mail to: 

            John Vere

 7400 Danshin Village Road        

   Grand Forks  BC  V0H 1H5

toll free 1-866-992-9663



B.C.ís Provincial Wood Stove Exchange Program

The intent of this program is to help British Columbians live a better life with cleaner air and a warmer, safer home. New stoves produce up to 70% less particulate. They use less firewood saving you money and time. Cleaner chimneys and improved clearance to combustibles make them much safer to operate too. By exchanging your old appliance you are not only improving your own quality of life, but that of everyone in your community. If you ever get a chance to see an old stove and a new one burning side by side youíll see what we are talking about for yourself. Some folks believe that the old stoves if run hot enough do not pollute! What they donít see is going up that chimney, the fine particulates and lot of wasted fuel energy. An old stove can produce as much pollution as 7 Diesel buses.

If you like I will send you further information and a links to Web sites that are related to Wood Heat, Burn it Smart, and other grant programs. 

The Provincial Wood Stove Exchange Program is run at a community level through grants provided by the province.  The program includes financial incentives to upgrade old wood stoves or inserts and education to help all wood burners improve their burning practices.  Simple changes to the way people burn wood in their stoves or fireplaces can help minimize smoke, increasing the heat provided from wood burning, and limit peopleís impacts on their neighbours.

To find out more about a program running in your community contact your local government office or check out the information posted at www.bcairquality.ca, including contacts for local program coordinators. 

Please confirm your location. Your correct location is to whom you pay your Property taxes - not your postal address. Top up grants come from the Area Director or your Municipal government.  You voted for these people and you pay your property taxes to them. This is why we need the correct location information. If your Property Tax assessment or notice say's "Rural" then you are in a RDKB Area not a municipality.

Note that Castlegar and Salmo are members of RDCK not the RDKB. There is a Woodstove exchange program for your area so please contact the RDCK office in Nelson for info.

Regional-District-of-Central-Kootenay                                  www.rdck.bc.ca    www.rdck.bc.ca/publicinfo/wood_stove_exchange_program.html
Box 590, 202 Lakeside Drive, Nelson, B.C. V1L 5R4
Phone: 1-800-268-7325 or (250) 352-6665



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